Model T30i

The T30i features easy starting, consistent engine temperatures, and user-friendly maintenance from this top-of-the-line mower. A combination of liquid cooling and EFI from Kohler’s 30-HP Aegis engine provides increased engine life, power, and better fuel economy compared to air-cooled engines. The T30i comes standard with a Grammer suspension seat, and is the perfect mower for long days mowing difficult properties.


Type: Collection
Power: 30 HP
Engine: Kohler EFI
Ideal Application: 
Residential, Commercial, Municipal, and Institutional Properties
Key Attributes: Versatile, Efficient, Powerful
Decks: 6 Collection, 8 Discharge, 6 Mulching
Popular Add-ons:
Implement Hitch
Two-Stage Snowblower
Loader Bucket

Model T30i


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